Tax Rate Costs District Funding part 2 **(It’s Complicated)

Posted by Wade Schroeder on 9/15/2019 2:00:00 AM

Tax Rate Costs District Funding **(It’s Complicated)

The Braymer School District does not currently have any building projects that are being paid for through a “Bond or Lease Purchase” payment. While it is nice not to have a Bond or Lease Purchase payment this situation also costs the district revenue. The Missouri tax rules provide extra review to schools then if they have a “Capital Project” payment on the books. That being said if the district voters where to approve a project to improve the school building. The district would see an operating revenue increase of around $55,000 annually. The Braymer C4 School District paid off its last Bond issue 5 years ago. While it was good to pay off the school bond it did cost the district tax revenue needed to operate the school.