Inclement Weather

Braymer C4 School District Families:

It is hard to believe, but some weather forecasts are calling for the possibility of accumulating snow next week. Due to changes in the weather “school make up day” rules we can now cancel face to face classes due to inclement weather while still holding classes on-line. This would mean that some inclement weather days would not have to be made up at a later time in the school year. The on-line class days are defined as “Distance Learning”. Inclement weather determinations will continue to be made as in the past. The difference will be in how school cancelation days are to be defined; “No School, All classes canceled” or “No School, with Distance Learning”. The school district will communicate the type of day along with the inclement weather information. In the event of a “No School, with Distance Learning” day, students will need to login to their seesaw and or google classrooms to get that day’s assignments.

Check out for media outlets for up to date inclement weather information.

We greatly appreciate your continued support of the Braymer C4 School District.

Braymer School District Administration.