Covid Update 9-4-20

Dear Bobcat Family,

September 4th update to the current Covid-19 situation. Working in coordination with the Caldwell County Health Department, our investigation has determined that the Pre-School, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades will be allowed to return to school on Tuesday September 8th for in class instruction.

The investigation has also determined that a cohort of 8th grade students has potentially been exposed as well. We are still waiting on results from health officials to determine the extent of the exposure. This means, at this time, an 8th grade cohort of students will continue to receive classroom instruction on-line until we have further information. Only the affected 8th grade students will have to follow the current quarantine guidelines. The 8th grade students determined to be unaffected will be allowed to return for “in school” instruction on Tuesday September 8th. Affected 8th grade students will be contacted directly by a school official. This also means that until further information can be gathered about the status of the 8th grade cohort, Jr. High Softball and Jr. High Football face to face activities have been suspended for students currently quarantined. Activities for students not in quarantine may be impacted based on students available for practice/games.

We continue to encourage the wearing of masks for students and faculty, especially as we enter the fall allergy season where symptoms like sneezing or congestion are present in a number of viruses and allergy symptoms. If you believe your student may be sick it is important to keep them home until they are symptom free. Only by everyone doing their part can we limit the spread of not just Covid-19 but other viruses as well. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support during this difficult to navigate time. Go Bobcats!