• Beginning Tuesday, January 19th

    The school board voted at the January 11th board meeting to return to full days beginning Tuesday, January 19th, and resume extracurriculars today, January 12th.

    All students will attend school full days starting Tuesday, January 19th, with the exception of those who choose to remain as virtual students. Families opting for online/virtual education will be able to continue to do so. 

    Masks will be required of all students and staff in the school, on district transportation, or at district activities. Students will not be required to wear masks outside or during strenuous physical activity associated with extracurriculars (i.e. basketball). Students will be taken outside for activities that involve elevated heart rate or heavy breathing so that masks can be removed (recess, PE).

    In an attempt to get students outside with an opportunity to remove their masks, students will be going outside for recess and PE (weather permitting). It is important that students come to school with a coat, hat and gloves so that they are able to play outside in cold weather.

    A plan for breakfast and lunch will be implemented to ensure social distancing of 6 feet between students when masks are removed for eating.

    If you wish to make changes to your student(s) virtual/in-person status please contact your building principal. 

    Extracurricular activities are resuming with some limitations. Students will be expected to wear masks anytime they are not directly involved in physical activity. Basketball games will be closed to the general public. Students participating in basketball or cheerleading will be allowed two parents/guardians (per participating family, *see note below) to be placed on the pass list.  These passes are intended for parents/guardians of individual students, and if unused, are not transferable to other participants or their families.

    Participating Family Note: A sibling group of two or three participants would still only receive two entries on the pass list for a parent/guardian.