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    From time to time the Braymer C4 School District will seek proposals. The listings will be available here as well as in local newspapers. Please check back to this page periodically to the most updated Bids/ RFP's/ RFQ's.

  • Internet Service 

    Request for Proposals

    April 23, 2020


    The Braymer C4 School District in partnership with seven other area school districts request proposals for providing internet services to rural school districts of Missouri. The Covid-19 school closures has greatly limited area school districts ability to successfully reach and provide education to all students. The goal of this RFP is to insure internet access to all students residing within our school district boarders. Please submit proposals to each of the School District’s Listed on or before May 20, 2020.



    Internet Service Provider, ISP will provide unlimited data plan to school district families that currently do not have internet access and or have data cap limits.


    Time Line:

    ISP’s will provide service on a month to month basis starting August 1, 2020.



    ISP’s will provide needed hardware to provide internet access to school district families that currently do not have internet access and or have data cap limits. ISP’s will make proposal’s on what hardware the ISP wishes to deploy to meet the needs of the RFP.


    Other Specification:

    ISP’s will insure reliable WIFI capabilities within 15 feet of ISP’s provided hardware.


    *School District’s with estimated number of families that need service.

    Braymer C4 School District

    Wade Schroeder, Superintendent

    400 Bobcat Ave.

    Braymer, MO 64624

    (Estimated # of Rural Families/Locations = 35)



    Hamilton R-II School District

    Troy Ford/Superintendent

    419 South Hughes Street

    Hamilton, MO 64644

    (Estimated # of Families/Locations = 47)



    Hardin-Central C-2 School District

    Trey Cavanah, Superintendent

    500 NE 1st St

    Hardin, MO 64035

    (Estimated # of Families/Locations = 15)


    Kingston 42 School District

    Andrea Hieronymus, Superintendent

    139 E. Lincoln

    Kingston, Mo 64650

    (Estimated # of Rural Families/Locations = 8)



    New York R-IV School District

    Debbie Ellis, Superintendent

    6061 NE State Route U

    Hamilton, MO  64644

    (Estimated # of Rural Families/Locations = 26)



    Norborne R-VIII School District

    Troy Lentz, Superintendent

    405 Pirate Ln.

    Norborne, MO 64668

    (Estimated # of Rural Families/Locations = 10)



    Orrick R-XI School District

    Dr. Scott Archibald

    100 Kirkham St.

    Orrick, Mo. 64077

    (Estimated # of Rural Families/Locations = 20)



    Polo R-VII School District

    Kyle Ross, Superintendent

    300 West School Street

    Polo, Mo. 64671

    (Estimated # of Rural Families/Locations = 40)



    Bid Selection Point Process:

    15pts. Service Agreement meets RFP, Unlimited Data and Month to Month Agreement

    13pts. Devise supplied by ISP

    12pts. Price

    10pts. Quality of reliable internet service



    Each participating school district reserve the right to except, or reject any bids submitted.


    Bid Proposals Due:

    Submit proposals to each of the School District’s Listed by May 20, 2020 at 1:00pm.