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    From time to time the Braymer C4 School District will seek proposals. The listings will be available here as well as in local newspapers. Please check back to this page periodically to the most updated Bids/ RFP's/ RFQ's.

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    2020-21 Lawn Mowing Bids

    The Braymer C-4 Board of Education is seeking bids on lawn mowing for this upcoming summer and the 2020-21 school year. Deadline to submit bids, is noon March 4, 2020. For specifications you may visit the school website @ braymerbobcats.org or contact the main office at 660-645-2284. Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Braymer C4 School District

    Lawn Service Bidding Form


    Bid should include:

    *Price for complete mowing and trimming the entire school grounds per mowing.

    *Provision for mowing and trimming on a 7-10 day rotation as needed unless contacted by the district.

    *Provision for mowing and trimming of the football field and parking area every Thursday or Friday prior to home games.

    *Prevent/eliminate weed and or plant growth from the rocked creek bed located between the pond and the front of the school property as well as ditch located along Hwy. 116.

    *Provider must have and demonstrated proof of liability insurance of at least $1,000,000.

    *Provider must provide a certificate of insurance showing the district as an additional insured to general liability policy.

    Please submit bid by mail, fax or email to Wade Schroeder, Superintendent by noon on March 4, 2020.

    Wade Schroeder

    Braymer C4 School District, Superintendent

    400 Bobcat Ave.

    Braymer, MO 64624

    Email: wschroeder@braymerc4.net