Mrs. Erica Coats



Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Social Studies Education BSE University of Central Missouri Master of Arts in History University of Central Missouri Certification: Social Science Education (Grades 5-9 and 9-12)

Mrs. Erica Coats


I teach 7th-12th grade Social Studies. I love Social Studies because it includes many areas: anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology.

I am currently teaching American History I & II, Geography, World History, and College Early American History.

I truly enjoy chaperoning students on educational tours.  Here is a schedule of upcoming tours: 

2021- Washington, D.C

2022 - Italy: for more information- EF Tours- Experience Italy

2023 - Washington, D.C

2024- tentatively planning a tour of historical WWII sites-Germany, Poland, Hungary and more: EF Tours the Iron Curtain and World War II


Other duties:

President of the Braymer Teachers Association

Leader of the Braymer Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Jr. High & High School Scholar Bowl Coach

National Honor Society Sponsor

Class of 2024 Sponsor

  • Here is an overview of topics covered in class:

    7th grade Geography

    • Map Skills
    • Themes of Geography

          Political and Physical geography of: 

    • Canada and the United States
    • Latin America
    • Europe and Russia
    • Africa
    • Southwest and Central Asia
    • Oceania and Antarctica

     8th grade American History I

    • Early Americas
    • Colonial America
    • Independence and Revolution
    • The Constitution
    • A Young Nation
    • Manifest Destiny
    • A Country Divided
    • Civil War and Reconstruction

     9th grade American History II

    • Reconstruction
    • The Birth of Modern America
    •  Imperialism and Progressivism
    • The Great Depression and the New Deal
    • World Wars
    • The Cold War
    • Civil Rights
    • Modern Wars

    **Required Civics Test

     10th grade World History

    • First Civilizations
    • Ancient Greece & Rome
    • Asian History & Globalization
    • Renaissance & Reformation
    • Industrialization
    • Imperialism
    • The French Revolution
    • The Twentieth Century

     College History Early American History

    • Discovering and Building a New World
    • Conflict to Revolution
    • Designing a Government & Statehood
    • Structuring American Culture & Society
    • Challenge, Civil Conflict and Reconstruction
  • Braymer C-4 Mission: 

    Inspire lifelong learners by working together to create a meaningful learning environment.

  • A little about myself: 


    I love to travel; I have been to 5 different countries and at least 30 states. During the summer of 2019 I was able to lead a group of students on a tour of Washington D.C. 

    While in D.C. we went to many different museums: Smithsonian Museums (Natural History and American History), National Air and Space Museum, Library of Congress, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    We toured President George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon. We also toured the US Capitol building and we saw the White House and Supreme Court buildings.

    We visited memorials:

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, President Franklin Roosevelt, President Lincoln and President Jefferson Memorials

    World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War Memorials

    Arlington National Cemetery

    9/11 Pentagon Memorial

    Overall, it was an amazing time. I am so glad that I was able to share our national history with students. 

Mt. Vernon
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