Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Taylor Partain

I'm Miss Partain, a passionate 1st-grade teacher who believes in the magic of education. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, I create a classroom where learning is an adventure and every day is an opportunity to discover something new. I am super excited to be at Braymer for my first year of teaching. 

My love for my family runs deep, and spending quality time with them is my greatest joy.  One of my dearest companions is Diesel, my adorable bichon and shih tzu mix. His playful antics remind me to embrace life's simple pleasures and find happiness in every moment. 

When I'm not molding young minds, I'm busy crafting wonders with my trusty Cricut. There's something incredibly satisfying about transforming ordinary materials into works of art. This creative outlet reflects my approach to teaching – every lesson is carefully crafted to inspire my students and create those wonderful "aha" moments that make teaching truly special. Seeing that spark of understanding light up a child's eyes is what drives me. Those moments when a concept clicks and a child's confidence soars are why I'm so passionate about teaching. I pour my energy into ensuring each student experiences these breakthroughs. Whether it's in the classroom, with my family, or exploring new crafts, I approach life with a positive attitude and a determination to make the most of every experience.