• The Braymer Bobcats and Lady Cats will travel to Mercer High School tomorrow for varsity basketball at 1:00 pm (girls) and 2:30 pm (boys). 
    As we continue to navigate the challenging times brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask for the continued support of the current guidelines that are in place for winter activities. We believe that these guidelines and restrictions are necessary to create the safest environment possible for participation at this time.  
    We understand that other schools that host our teams and fans will have expectations/guidelines that may differ from our district’s.   While we are not in a position to require changes to other schools’ guidelines, we appreciate all patrons that continue to support us in our primary mission of protecting our student-athletes’ when we travel to those schools by following the guidelines established by the district (limited spectators, face masks, and social distancing). We will continue to require our student-athletes, coaches, and staff to follow our face coverings and distancing expectations whether at home or on the road. We hope that everyone will do their part as we work to ensure we can continue to participate in extracurricular activities while considering the safety of our student-athletes and spectators.  Thank you all for your continued support and understanding. Go Bobcats! 

    Regulations and Guidance for Home basketball games

    • Two adult spectators per participant family. One guest should be a parent/guardian, both guests must be 18 or older.


    • Face coverings must be worn in the facility at all times.


    • A pass list will be at the gate, admission is $3.00. Gate will open at 5:15 pm for the girls’ game. Seating is limited and we ask that you attend only the game(s) that you have a participant (basketball or cheerleading).


    • Bleachers will be marked with red tape. We ask that you leave the taped areas open for social distancing and sit in the seats free of tape.