• After receiving information from local colleges and universities, and given the current length of our school closure, and the possibility of extended closure:

    Braymer High School will be continuing College & Dual Credit courses online. Your teachers will be in communication with you about how this will work for their respective courses.

    All students (regardless of whether or not they are taking the course for college credit) are expected to continue with the online curriculum and will continue to be graded accordingly. Again, even students not taking the course for college credit will be expected to continue doing the coursework. As a school, we understand that there may be issues with continuing the coursework online, especially in regard to device and internet access. To help address this roadblock, students enrolled in college/dual credit courses will be allowed to check out a device from the school on Thursday, March 26th by appointment only (*see signup link below). Students with a school-issued device will be able to connect to the internet while sitting outside of the school and could complete homework from a vehicle if no other internet is available. If you believe that continuing the coursework online is not possible for your student, please contact Mr. Guilkey at sguilkey@braymerc4.net and alternate arrangements will be made.

    ***Students taking Mrs. Edmonston's College Computer Applications class will need to select a time to come in and check out a laptop and textbook.***

    Student Device Check Out - Click Here To Sign Up

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at sguilkey@braymerc4.net. We understand that these are difficult times but would like to provide our students the opportunity to earn these college credits this year and be able to continue to offer these programs moving forward.


    Mr. Guilkey
    High School Principal