Mr. Keith Edmonston

Phone: 660-645-2284


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts Political Science Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice Masters Degree Criminology Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing Missouri Peace Officers Standards and Training Class A Certification

Mr. Keith Edmonston

With the exception of four years in the late 90's and early 2000's, I have spent my adult life in service to our nation and our communities.  I served the nation as a Journalist in the United States Navy from 1990-1998 where I was primarily assigned to an amphibious assault ship.  During those years, I was deployed for Desert Storm, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti, NATO Operations in the Balkans, and multiple other actions through out the Atlantic region.  

After moving to Missouri in early 2002, I was certified as a Missouri Police Officer and began working for the Milan Police Department.  I worked for Milan until I was offered a position with the Trenton Police Department in 2006.  I came to Braymer High School in 2014 and began my teaching career with Social Studies.  I maintain my commission through Trenton and still work part time for the department when I can.  

My personal philosophy is that I have seen what the world can do to us.  I have seen the worst humanity has to offer and I want to have an influence on those who still have the chance to change themselves and our world for the better.  Students in my classroom know that I can be very blunt and we deal with reality.  I like to think my classroom is enjoyable; even if the work is sometimes a grind; as well as highly instructive.  I believe we as humans will never be able to truly advance as a species and society if we constantly diminish our ability to communicate with each other.

Did I also mention I really like to go geek with Star Wars? 

  • The BHS English Department operates under the goal of producing college and career ready students.  In Sophomore year, students work on mastering the intricacies of reading everything from long deceased writers up to the most modern uses of our language.  The class is structured as reading and learning about an idea or process and then having the students produce works of their own that effectively utilize the new idea.  When they have finished the year, they then take the Missouri End of Course Exam for English.  Upon completion of the EOC, any test prep activities are aimed at the ACT. 

    Junior year is, in my opinion, the most rigorous and difficult year for English students.  This year is engineered to make students academic writers and technical readers.  Students will write numerous argument essays structured in the MLA style.  These papers are taught, produced, and critiqued at as close to college level as possible for the student.  Students will also be using databases such as EBSCO Academic where they will be reading studies and other academic papers to use for their own pieces.  This requires students to read on a technical as well as critical level which hasn't been as stressed in earlier years.

    Seniors have two tracks they can choose from, either onsite College English or Applied Communications.  College English is taught as dual credit through Missouri Valley College.  The course is structured and taught as it would be on the campus of MO Valley itself.  While the opportunity to have a teacher with direct contact is available daily in the classroom, students are expected to show initiative and be as self-sufficient as possible.  The year is broken into two classes, with the traditional ENG 101 being taught in the fall while ENG 102 is taught in the spring.  Students taking this class should be planning on attending college.

    The Applied Communications class is engineered for students looking to enter the workforce or attend vocational training directly after graduation.  The course uses real world documents such as employee applications, tax forms, insurance policies, warranties, and other types of daily communications used by citizens everyday.  The students will be prepared to create their own professional paperwork which conforms to contemporary styles in business communications.

    Other classes taught at the high school level for English credit include Speech and Mythology, both of which are semester classes and count for .5 English credit.  These classes are elective and open to Juniors and Seniors.