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    "To Improve Student Achievement by Working Together to Create a Meaningful Learning Environment"

    We take great pride in our students, faculty, staff, Board of Education, and community. 

    We are very thankful for the ongoing support of the many local businesses as well as civic and community organizations. Braymer School District is central to the community and strives to provide high quality education to all the students that enter our doors.

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  • Let's Build Something Together

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 10/1/2019 6:00:00 AM

    October 1, 2019


    Let’s Build Something Together

    In the Spring of 2018, The Braymer C4 School District developed a CSIP or Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. The CSIP committee consisted of school personnel, students, parents and community members. Part of the CSIP expresses the desire for the district to add new locker rooms and air conditioning to the “New/High School Gym” as well as add a “Community Wellness Center” to the building. The “Wellness Center” would be open for students use during the school day while allowing the community to have access during non-school hours. The district walking path added in 2017, has been a wonderful addition to the campus and is used by many community members on a regular basis. We see these projects as a next step to improving community health and wellness. We hope you agree.  


    These are exciting times. Starting in the Spring of 2019 the school district began working to develop plans to make these two projects come to fruition. This is a work in progress and will require strong community support to make it a reality.  

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  • Tax Rate Costs District Funding part 2 **(It’s Complicated)

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 9/15/2019 2:00:00 AM

    Tax Rate Costs District Funding **(It’s Complicated)

    The Braymer School District does not currently have any building projects that are being paid for through a “Bond or Lease Purchase” payment. While it is nice not to have a Bond or Lease Purchase payment this situation also costs the district revenue. The Missouri tax rules provide extra review to schools then if they have a “Capital Project” payment on the books. That being said if the district voters where to approve a project to improve the school building. The district would see an operating revenue increase of around $55,000 annually. The Braymer C4 School District paid off its last Bond issue 5 years ago. While it was good to pay off the school bond it did cost the district tax revenue needed to operate the school.   

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  • Tax Rate Costs District Funding

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 9/10/2019 3:00:00 AM

    Tax Rate Costs District Funding

    The Braymer C4 School District has a tax rate of $2.75. The district has an enrollment under 350 students which classifies it as a “Small School” in the state of Missouri. The State of Missouri provides extra operating revenue to schools under 350 students by offering a two-step funding process. The Braymer C4 School District does receive small school grant funding (1), as a school under 350 students. Because the Braymer C4 School district has a tax rate below $3.43 the district does notqualify to receive small school grant funding (2). This means that the district is giving away over $45,000 annually.    

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  • *****Important information**** “DID YOU KNOW”

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 9/4/2019 2:00:00 AM

    *****Important information**** “DID YOU KNOW”

    From the 2007-2008 School Year to the 2017-2018 School Year District Revenues from State and Local taxes has only increased by 5%. Over the same time frame the cost of Salaries and Benefits,for the school district, has increased by 28%.

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  • Braymer C4 School Funding “Did You Know?”

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 9/1/2019

    Braymer C4 School Funding “Did You Know?”

     School Funding Graph

    School money is placed into four different categories.

    Fund 1or Incidental Fund, Fund 2 or Teacher’s Fund, Fund 3 or Debt Service Fund, Fund 4 or Capital Project’s Fund

    Fund 1 or Incidental Fund

    This is the money that goes to operate the school district. Tax Revenue is used here to run the day to day operations of the school.

    Fund 2 or Teacher’s Fund

    This is money that pays for all certified staffmember salaries and benefits. Money is transferred from Fund 1 to Fund 2 to cover all costs associated with Fund 2.

     Fund 3 or Debt Service Fund

    Debt Service is an additional tax amount dedicated to special projects, such as building renovations and or additions. (ie. Bond Issue) The money generated is used to pay off school bonds. The Braymer C4 School District currently has no Debt Service tax. 

     Fund 4 or Capital Project’s Fund

    This is money that pays for all improvements that exceed $1000 and should last for more than three years. This could be large equipment and or district improvements, such as a building addition. Large projects could be paid for as a “Lease Purchase”.Money is transferred from Fund 1 to Fund 4 to cover all costs associated with Fund 4.


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  • It's Back to School Time

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 8/22/2019

    Aug 2019

    Back to school time always brings and extra level of excitement. We are excited to start the school year and we look forward to working with each and every child that enters our doors. The Bobcat faculty starts the new school year with a few new faces. Mr. Scott Guilkey as MS/HS Principal, Mrs. Candice Schroeder as MS Language Arts Teacher and Mr. Kyle Kelley as MS Science teacher. We welcome them all to our great faculty.

    We would also like to thank everyone that was able to attend the “Back to School/Meet the Bobcats” night. It is our goal to foster positive relationships that promote strong partnerships. We hope that everyone enjoys the new website and that it provides greater information and communication moving forward. Please let us know if you have ideas where we can improve the web site. We want the school website to be a central tool for all of our patrons.     

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  • Did You Know "Tax Levy"

    Posted by Wade Schroeder on 5/22/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Braymer C4 School District Tax Rate is the lowest in the State. 

    The Braymer C4 School Board of Education must approve annually to raise the tax rate to the State Minimum of $2.75 in order to qualify for state funding.

    That means for every $100 of assessed valuation you pay $2.75 in local taxes for the school district. Tax Levy Comparison

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